Game Invest Forum - Warsaw 2023

The Games Invest Forum is an exceptional video games B2B event that seamlessly combines the exciting worlds of fun and business. The largest and only go-to event for everything related to investing in Polish game development studios.

Let’s talk about true values

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Business-focused gaming industry event

Polish-created video games became Poland’s most recognizable export goods worldwide. Global success of Poland’s largest development studios such as CD PROJEKT RED, Techland, 11bit Studio or Bloober Team, accompanied by the recognition of smaller studios (Superhot, The Parasight, Creepy Jar or Tomasz Ostafin, to name a few) have sped up the growth of the local industry.

This success though doesn’t come without negative aspects. Toxic occurrences such as crunch, micromanagement, projects solely announced to generate cynically calculated cash flow, establishing studios solely to exploit the stock market, or constant attempts to create a vision of upcoming game’s success (like the (in)famous wishlists) in order to receive financing or sell shares.

All of this in the heart of Europe, touched by years of wars, a challenging geopolitical location and internal conflicts. This complex mix can be appreciated by those who see its uniqueness, but can also be found completely misunderstood by those who try to experience it all at once.

A bull market is a time when most market participants gain. Recession is difficult for most, but it can also be an opportunity for those who know how to take advantage. It’s also the time of market clearance.

This moment became a catalyst to create the very first forum for game development managers, investors, business partners and journalists. The first edition of this globally unique, exclusive event touches on multiple subjects that connect the real values of the gaming industry.

Let’s talk about true values!

Who is this event for?

If you're interested in adding diversification to your portfolio or working in the game development industry, you might want to check out this unique networking opportunity. It brings together journalists, game publishers, and gamedev professionals with studios from Poland that are making headlines. It's a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about the latest trends and innovations in this exciting area.

What to expect?

The Forum will be a day-long event where industry professionals from the forefront of the gaming industry will engage in panel discussions, providing an opportunity for attendees to gain in-depth knowledge about the latest trends, ideas, and economics in the gaming industry.

Exclusive event. To join, please contact us!

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Bloober Team, a game development studio known for creating popular psychological horror games including The Medium,
Layers of Fear, Observer, and Blair Witch, and currently working on remaking the cult classic SILENT HILL 2, will be the main partner for this exciting event.

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